Many players have found that my excellent bassoon bocals work on their antique bassoons, and also on replicas of other makers. I can also make custom bocals to your designs and specifications.
Bassoon bocal, standard $300
Bassoon bocal, custom

Reeds and
        Reedmaking Tools

I make reeds to fit the instruments that I make, and I am happy to keep my customers supplied with reeds, although I encourage them to learn to make and adjust their own. I am not prepared to make reeds for instruments not made by me. In the listing below, "unfinished" reeds are fully assembled and ready for adjustment. Just cut off the tip and scrape or trim to suit your needs. Because of variations in cane quality, unfinished reeds may need quite different adjustments. Reeds made from harder cane might need to be scraped, while those made from softer cane might need to be trimmed at the tip. Finished reeds are adjusted to play properly for me, but may require further adjustment during the break-in period.

Shaped and profiled cane, all instruments $5
Unfinished reeds, all instruments $15
Finished reeds, all instruments

Players of the curtal, bassoon, tenor shawm and baritone oboe can make use of standard modern bassoon reedmaking tools, such as mandrels and reamers. Reamers should match the taper on Heckel bocals, not Fox. For making reeds for the two smaller shawms, it is helpful to have small mandrels and reamers. I can supply these on a special-order basis. Many bassoon mandrels taper to a small enough diameter that they can be used for alto shawm reeds.

Treble shawm mandrel-reamer combination tool $65
Alto shawm reamer

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