treble, alto and tenor shawms Treble Shawm in D
This instrument is based on an original in Brussels. In the Syntagma Musicum Praetorius calls this keyless instrument "Discant Schalmey." It has a brilliant and penetrating sound. Played with a small fan-shaped reed projecting from a pirouette, it is easy to blow, with very good intonation. The range is an octave plus a sixth, D4 to B5, higher notes being possible with a good reed.
Treble shawm, A-440 or A-460
Alto Shawm in G
This instrument is based on museum originals. The bore and tone-holes have been carefully modified to produce an instrument of exceptionally good response and intonation. The fan-shaped reed projects from a pirouette, and the single key is covered by a fontanelle. The range is two octaves, G3 to G5. This shawm, with its loud and exciting sound, is immensely satisfying to play in the shawm band.
Alto shawm, A-440 or A-460
Tenor Shawm in C
This instrument is based on a one-keyed original in Prague, but has been correctly scaled to play properly at A-440. On this instrument the bassoon-style reed is placed on a short crook. The key is protected by a fontanelle. Particular attention has been paid to intonation and response so that this shawm will be easy to play and a welcome addition to the shawm band needing a tenor voice. The sound is full and somewhat darker than the alto, and the range is two octaves, C3 to C5.
Tenor shawm, A-440 or A-460

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